Universal Children’s Day

What an amazing day! We celebrated 30 years of Universal Children’s Day by dressing in blue and learning all about the rights of the children.

Each child made a pledge related to their rights and posted it. We also created some lovely bunting with one of the rights they liked.

They are such a lovely class and all made some lovely comments.

Children in Need activities.

On Friday the children were allowed to wear their own sports attire and donate money to support the Children In Need charity.

The children in 2BH wanted to learn a little karate so we went into the playground and went through some basic karate moves.

Take a look πŸ‘€

Anti Bullying Week.

Today we wore odd socks to show how we can all be different but still accepted for who we are. The children really enjoyed the afternoon. We read a book about diversity and what it meant.

Ask your child what they have learnt today.

🌎 Geography Enrichment Day πŸŒ

What an amazing day we had on Friday!

We had a fabulous day comparing the city of Birmingham to Ben Nevis in Scotland. The children asked so many interesting questions about Ben Nevis and then had a chance to research the features of Ben Nevis on their iPads.

Did you know that Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain range in the British Isles? The children could identify the physical and human features of both places with confidence. They spoke about urban and rural areas too! Such a clever class.

During the afternoon, the children created a post card from either Birmingham or Ben Nevis and used watercolours or colouring pencils to complete their work.

Thank you Mrs Edwards for arranging such a wonderful day πŸ˜‰

Take a look πŸ‘€

πŸ† Congratulations πŸ†

This week has been a week of celebrations in 2BH.

We came joint 1st in winning the reading trophy along with 2RW. We have handwriting champions and English champions. We also have a chess competitor and a kick boxing competitor.

We also had a wonderful congratulations assembly where we celebrated the achievements of five members of the class for a variety of reasons. Keep up the great work.

I am so proud of you all πŸ‘πŸΌ