🎭Olympic Drama With Becky🎭

What a fabulous drama lesson to learn more about the Olympics! Thank you Becky for such an amazing time. We love working with The Rep 🎭

What a fantastic Stone Age day!

Today was so much fun. The perfect way to deliver history. Adam Hatfield, a wonderful historian, delivered interesting facts about the Stone Age.

Take a look 👀

What an amazing class!

I am so proud of my mini teachers in 2BH.

In our maths lesson today, my mini teachers helped their students to read out maths problems and then supported them to write number sentences and explain how they could be solved.

The children showed patience, understanding and kindness throughout the lesson.

Well done to all the children. It was a powerful learning experience.

Free Books

Well done to the children that received a free book this week for reading three times a week for ten weeks. Keep up the good work.

We are so fortunate to have wonderful Mandarin lessons delivered to us on a Friday. The children really enjoy learning how to speak and write in this lovely language.

Super Work

2BH have got their first handwriting expert. Well done for beautiful, careful handwriting.

Another medal for our class chess champion too.

Keep it up boys.